Zamad BaigHometown: Lahore
Registration No: LHR-4518
Code: ZB


Type IDOL ZB and send to 200

Type IDOL ZB and send to 8001


Zamad Baig hails from Lahore and is currently studying film-making. This 21 year old film-maker wants to produce music videos and believes that though at this point the music industry of Pakistan is experiencing a slump, things are sure to pick up soon and he believes there will be a lot of scope for music videos.

Zamad has been singing whenever he could; he participated in all the school singing events and loves to experiment with music and his guitar. He says he is a self-trained singer and has not received formal training.

“Sufi rock is my genre and I love Ali Azmat’s songs, although Reshma and Nazia Hasan are also great. I like to experiment with singing and music and therefore I think this competition will give me a lot of space to test my abilities. I used to have a band and I was the lead vocalist.”

Zamad has already won a music competition in Lahore and says he doesn’t have stage fright at all; he is confident that he will be able to perform flawlessly in front of millions watching Pakistan Idol.